Echinodorus tenellus (Pygmy chain sword)

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  • Model: P2020620
  • Origin: South America
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Originating from South America, the Echindorus tenellus is a fine and shapely looking plant with trim and handsome leaves and stems. This plant will throw off runners so if you are wanting to create a 'carpet' effect this plant is ideal for you. This has an unusual 'spider' shape to it and will happily flourish in a good rich substrate.

Note: this plant is grown emersed (outside of water) and as a result the leaves are much thicker. The video below shows the plant once it's been grown submersed (under water). Notice how the leaves are much thinner and flexible. So over time this plant will look like the video, but when you recieve it, it generally looks quite different.

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by Amanda L.
All seemed well when first planted but not thriving. A few brown leaves appearing

by Clare N.
Very healthy plant. Sadly it didn't do well in my aquarium, so perhaps not ideal for novices.

by Jim H.
They are clearly experts all the plants I bought are top quality and thriving in my aquariums

by david j.
1ST Class Plant Thank you

by David G.
Using this in the foreground of my aquarium as a carpeting plant. It’s been in about a week and is starting to produce runners already.

by PAUL C.
lots of healthy plants, quick delivery

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