Echinodorus rose

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  • Dimensions: up to 30cm
  • Model: P2020610
  • Origin: South America
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Coming from South America the Echinodorus rose is a beautiful and neat aquatic plant with shapely oval leaves and streamline slender stems this plant flourishes readily when planted in a good, rich substrate. A truly stunning mid to background plant that flourishes easily. The leaves tend to start off a pinky colour and then as they mature onto a greener colour.

by Tracey A.
Strong healthy plant

by janet e.
This is the second order received from you. Again, I am so pleased with the quality and size of these plants.

by Eric H.
This a beautiful plant, new growth is pinkish red. I have two in different areas and there are subtle differences to leaf formation and colour, one a much more deeper red than the other. My nerite snails do a great job in keeping the leaves looking good

by Reggie W.
This plant arrived in top condition but it appears to be a bit slower growing compared to other Echinos. In 10 days it has only produced 1 new leaf whilst others have produced 2 -3. It could be that it requires a bit more light as it is overshadowed by a taller plant

by Ben O.
A gorgeous background plant, with elegant leaves that sway gently in the current. A great addition to any planted tropical aquarium.

by Stephen A.
A really lovely plant. Graceful and pleasing to the eye when agitated by water. In many better than an Amazon sword.

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how tall does this plant grow?


about 30cm

how do I plant this plant I have a pond


not suitable for ponds

My 2 plants which I purchased last month have sent out long stems, should I remove them?


Those would be flower stalks. Quite nice when they hit the surface. I leave them, but it's up to you - if you want to see a flower, then don't touch, but otherwise you'll need to remove.

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