Echinodorus reni

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Echinodorus reni is one of the smallest of the red Echindorus making it rather special and giving it high appeal. Growing between 10-30cm this can be used as a Midground or Foreground plant depending on your tank size.

The leaves are oval shaped and moderately green and to maintain these colours.

Note: This plant does always arrive with us quite small and usually has less leaves that the picture but its still beautiful.

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by Viktor Z.

by Mark H.
Individually boxed arrived in beautiful condition

by Jeremy D.
As always, the quality is excellent. AND NO SNAILS!!! :)

by Steven dark
Plant arrived in great condition. Was able to get a few plants out of the one pot. Plant is doing well, few leaves browning but this is to be expected. Great service from Aqua Essentials again.

by Steven dark
Great looking plant. Cant fault Aqua Essentials service!!

by Andrew Perkins
Ordered this plant with 4 others plants and they all come in excellent condition. Ordered Thursday afternoon, arrived Friday morning. Very happy costumer.

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