Echinodorus radicans

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  • Dimensions: up to 70cm
  • Model: p2020600
  • Origin: South America
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Echinodorus radican is a lovely strong aquarium plant that originates in South America. With oval leaves and long stems, its deep green colour makes it look quite special. What you willnotice about Echinodorus radicans is that it can grow quite large - up to 70cm and as a result makes the pefect plant for open top aquariums. Of course, this is in ideal conditions so in most cases is rarely gets to that size but somethng to consider.

Excellent background plant, easy for beginners.


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by Patricia K.
Lovely high quality plants, well packaged for transit, growing well.

by Damian L.
Stunning back ground plant waiting for it to grow out of the top of the tank

by Tim P.
Strong and healthy looking plants. Arrived quickly and well packed. Would certainly purchase from this vendor again.

by Katrin M.
Another excellent plant from Aquaessentials. Really enhances my aquarium and my fish seem to like it.

by stuart p.
healthy beautiful plant delieved on time

by gareth m.
just buy it you wont be sorry nice colour to it size is good all you need

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What temperature is ideal for this plant


up to 30C

Are the new leaves on this plant pink before they turn green as that’s what they are doing on mine.


Many young leaves are pink before turning to green

How tall is the pot and wide is the pot and can I just put the pot into some sand/gravel


5cm pot

Better to remove from the pot before planting but if you have no choice, then you have no choice

Do I plant this into gravel, soil or just leave it to attach? :)


You can plant it in soil or gravel.

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