Echinodorus purpurea - the smallest Echinodorus!

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 15cm
  • Model: p2020607
  • Origin: Cultivated
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One of the smallest Echinodorus available making it ideal for nano and small aquariums. Grows up to 15cm in height, and has rather attractive pointed leaves which are red with a brown spec througout.

This plant also looks lovely if planted in a large tank in groups.

by Robert K. on 11/4/2021

Excellent quality plant. Already growing strongly.

by Nicholas G. on 1/4/2021

This looks SOOO much better in the flesh. It has amazing pattern with different colour greens which, with CO2 and medium light, are changing some of the leaves to a lovely light red colour now. With the patterns still there too.

by Damian L. on 22/2/2021

Stunning little plant will be the focal point at the front arrived really fast and in top condition

by Sean G. on 9/4/2020

Received very healthy plants. Leaves have green and brown flecks in equal amounts. At present new leaves are a more intense version of an Ozelot. Leaf shape is more slender also. Made use of the 'out of stock' feature and was notified when they came back in. Great service.

by Edward C. on 23/1/2020

Really fantastic little plant. Great quality and a fantastic foreground plant.

by Reggie W. on 10/10/2019

A beautiful small echinodorus which adapted very quickly to being submersed. Leaves remain small and the plants are quite colourful. Growing well after a few weeks under medium light

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