Echinodorus grisebachii Tropica

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  • Dimensions: up to 15cm
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  • Origin: South America
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The origins of this small Echinodorus are some what unknown but what does make this plant special is the size that it grows to. Most Echinodorus grow to a large size but not this one - grows only to about 15cm in height.  Not only that but it grows slowly too which means it needs little maintenance. It does prefer a nutritious substrate so make sure (as a minimum) you're using Neutro TerraTabs which help feed plants from the roots.

Originating from South America the Echinodorus grisebachii Tropica is a splendid looking aquatic plant. With hammered leaves and small tips, new leaves will appear 'black' when they sprout but will grow into their bright shade of green.

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by John S.
Nice looking plant, perfect in a smaller tank. Arrived in great condition and split four plants from the one pot so good value.

by Derek H.
Really pleased with plant looks good

by Darron Birch
Plants arrived in great condition and well packaged.

by Garth Cockings
in the usual fabulous condition--very satisfied

by Keith Allie
A lovely plant looks great with dragon rock

by Tony Kelly
nice little plant looks great in my tank.the neon tetras love them for hiding near,very happy

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is this plant easy to grow?


OH yes, it's very easy to grow. It requires little attention to flourish

what height

It stays small - no more than 20cm

Will this take to wood or rock if attached with line?


It might do but would look a bit odd as it grew

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