Echinodorus ozelot - green

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The Echinodorus ozelot 'Green' is a beautiful, dark-green variety of Echinodorus 'Ozelot', 20-50 cm tall and a 20-40 cm wide rosette. The dark spots form a bigger contrast on the light leaves. The leaf margin is fluted. A nutritious substrate promotes growth. It is an easy and highly recommended plant, which thrives in almost all conditions.

It grows fast, accepts a wide range of ph (6-9) and temperatures from 15 all the way up to 30 degrees so suitable for discus tanks.


by John H. on 7/12/2019

I have stated this before but have no reason to change things. This plant was received in first class condition with fantastic foliage good strong root growth, clean and healthy I could not have purchased better anywhere.

by John H. on 7/12/2019

Echinodorus ozelot green As like the plants from Aqua Essentials it arrived in good time was in first class condition a great addition to my tank.

by John H. on 6/11/2019

The plants supplied were very healthy in first class condition of good size with perfect colour .

by Ben T. on 24/8/2019

Beautiful plant , very healthy and growing well

by robert g. on 22/8/2019

very nice plant , looks just like the one in the picture but not as many leaves.

by Carole E. on 12/8/2019

Arrived in excellent condition, beautifully packaged, lovely big plant looks good in the tank.

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Non of the plants I bought are doing well, so it looks as though my water conditions do not suit these, can you offer any help? The Rotala is now leafless and almost dead, the other two are alive but not growing


You'll have to tell me A LOT more about your tank like which fertilisers you are using, your lighting, water changes etc - also check out our blog as there are lots of similar questions on there

Could you please advice on the best way to prune this plant as mine is getting very big. Thank you


Remove the leaves from the base which you don't want

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