Echinodorus osiris (Melon Sword)

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Echindorus osiris is a delightful looking plant that has red and green leaves. The new leaves are red and as they mature they turn a deep green. One of the best attributes of this plant? It's SO EASY to grow.

Like all Echindorus, they're heavy root feeders so they need a nutritious substrate and root tabs. This plant is happy in high or low light - you'll get better results from high lighting but it's very adaptable in lower light. The leaves of Echindorus osiris do get quite large so consider this when planting it near other plants as it will start to shade them.

Grows up to 50cm in height, this stunning plant will not disappoint you - it's one of our favourites.

by David B. on 13/7/2019

Very good, the best Swords I have ever had. I gave them each a couple of root tabs, other than that they have looked after themselves. Just waiting for more to come in.

by george p. on 15/5/2019

I,ve fallen in love with this plant,it looks great,sculptural ,beautiful,and great quality.

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