Echinodorus chrileni

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  • Dimensions: Maximum height 30cm
  • Model: P2020486
  • Origin: South America
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Originating from South America the Echinodorus chrileni is a delightful aquatic plant with lovely green oval shaped leaves and sturdy brown stems. Reaching heights of up to 30cm this is great foreground plant, can be used as a Midground plant in Nano tanks.

It grows fast and temperatures from 22 all the way up to 30 degrees so suitable for discus tanks. All round, a really super plant that anyone can grow and keep.

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by Darren B.
Lovely colour under high light and co2

by janet e.
This plant arrived in excellent condition. Big and healthy, it looks really good in my tank. Thank you for your excellent service.

by Peter B.
Good looking plant not too big. Good value.

by Margaret W.
looks very graceful in tank and not too much foliage .

by Ben O.
A gorgeous background plant, with elegant leaves that sway gently in the current. A great addition to any planted tropical aquarium.

by David A.
Really lovely plant. Had it in the tank for a couple of weeks and it is growing well. A few new redish leaves looks great. Arrived in the usual AE superb condition

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