Echinodorus palifolius XL - 25cm

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Motherplant, grown in a 9 cm square pot.

In marshy conditions, Echinodorus palaefolius var. latifolius from Brazil has round leaves with a horizontal leaf base. Under water the leaves are narrower and longer (from 20-40 cm, and a 20-40 cm wide roset).

In the aquarium it tends to grow out of the water. This can be prevented by removing the long leaves just before they reach the water surface. The next leaves will then become shorter and the plant will remain under water. In open aquariums, the plant can be allowed to grow out of the water, but the leaf margins often dry out if air humidity is low. 

Note - the picture is a guide only and what you receive may be smaller (or larger) than the picture as we are not the growers and therefore cannot control the size. If you need to know specifically what size the plant is that we have atm, drop us an email and we can let you know.

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by graham h smith
Large plant ,well pleased, would bay again, fast service recommend G h smith

by Christopher Shaw
Ordered two mother plants which were delivered promptly and very well packed. Between the two pots there were nine sizeable plants which I separated before planting. All are producing new leaves in less than a week. Very high quality plants. Delighted.

by Lee Robinson
Impressed again with Aqua Essentials. Sent me a lovely, large healthy mother plant, which split nicely into 4 plants. Looks stunning in the tank.

by Dean Edge
This is THE biggest plant you will buy,its huge,i have a 3 1/2 ft x3ftx3ft tank and had to take off the tallest leaves stuck out of tank,split it into 3plants ,if you want a big plant get this and the fish dont eat it.

by Mark Shaw
Great plant, I asked for the biggest they had... Huge...

by Peter Mason
the mother plant came very well packaged and protected and in tip top condition. It is now settling into the tank and looks very healthy and a lovely light green. Excellent and speedy service from the moment I ordered online.

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how big does this plant get in the averagely maintained tank?


All depends on conditions but can get large easily doing 45cm high

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