Echinodorus argentinensis

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Also, know as a sword plant the Echinodorus palaefolius it's one of the larger varieties and requires ample space in your aquarium. Prefers open top aquariums but still looks beautiful in closed aquariums. The ornamental leaves are extremely sturdy and with little effort, it will produce shoots holding white blossoms.

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by Sharon G.
Lovely plant, well packaged, looks lovely always use this site.

by Caroline G.
Healthy plant but much smaller than picture or that I have had before

by Lyndon W.
The plants are healthy and thriving in their new habitat. The fish are certainly enjoying the atmosphere and the aesthetics are wonderful.

by Sharon G.
Excellent plant second time buying this shop does not disappoint.


Thanks for your support Sharon :)

by Shane H.
Very nice healthy plant.

by Damian L.
Stunning back ground plant waiting for it to grow out of the top of the tank

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How big is big? What height will this plant typically grow to?

At the time of writing, 12 inches. They grow big - over 2 foot tall

Does this plant grow in low light?


It grows OK in low light

For all plants in general do you have to take the mud away before putting it in your aquarium or do you put the mad in the aquarium with the plant


Mud? Not sure what you mean by that. The plants come with rock wool only in the pots which needs removing before planting.

ok for low light tank using root tabs , neutro co2 and neutro t ? by low light i mean fluval roma 240 with standard 2x40w t8 lighting


Should be ok

Hi I purchased 4 of these plants a couple of months ago, they are growing really well with continual new leaves and have long roots, however the last week or so I have noticed holts appearing in the leaves and brown patches. I have the lights on for approx 8hrs a day and add easy carbo (5ml) daily, I also add 30ml of profito once a week when I do my water change, my tank is 330litres . None of the other plants seem to be affected. Any advice greatly appreciated.


You need to add A LOT more liquid fertiliser otherwise others will show the same deficiencies. Triple your liquid dose and add root tabs like TerraTabs 

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