Echinodorus amazonicus - Amazon Sword Plant

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  • Dimensions: Grows up to 40cm
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  • Origin: South America
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The Echinodorus amazonicus is the smallest version of the popular Echinodorus bleheri, also known as Amazon sword plant. Amazonicus has much narrower, bright green leaves and is therefore suitable for smaller aquariums. This undemanding plant is excellent for the starter aquarium. Perfect for beginners, the Echinodorus amazonicus is easy to grow and care for, taking minimum time and effort to allow it to mature.

Managers Tip: Pop a root tab underneath the bottom of this plant as it's a heavy root feeder. Don't forget to fertilise with Neutro T and Neutro CO2.

by Donato N. on 9/7/2019

Good value for money

by Brian G. on 19/3/2019

The Amazon Sword Plant received is in superb condition.

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