Echindorus Red Devil

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Echinodorus Red Devil is a delightful ruby red coloured aquarium plant with leaves which aresword shaped. The interesting aspect to this plant is the size which is grows to which is smaller than most Echinodorus - only 15-25cm on average.

Like all Echindorus, they like feeding through their roots so make sure there's sufficient nutrition or use root tabs to supplement (that way you get the best colours). Brighter light is more suited to this aquarium plant in order to retain the deep red.

by Nathan D. on 18/5/2019

I have previously brought this plant and it had very deep reds even the greens were stunning but was unsuccessful with the two plants that said the problems was it needed more light and better substrates on my behalf have brought it again (with corrections made) and have to say unreal growth!/colours If you haven't got this plant you need this plant.

by Teresa T. on 4/4/2019

Beautiful plant.

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