Easy-Life AlgExit 250ml

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Clean water without algae

AlgExit Algae are produced when an aquarium is not well balanced. Causes of an unbalanced aquarium are the excessive feeding of fish, too many fish in an aquarium, excessive lighting or excessive fertilization. You also take them home when you purchase fish or plants!

AlgExit is a safe and effective product for combating almost all types of algae in a freshwater aquarium. Algae, such as beard algae, brush algae and filamentous algae, are effectively wiped out. AlgExit is easy and economical to use and harmless to fish, shrimps, molluscs and plants. The algae growth is first brought to a standstill and then it disappears. Any algae spores that are still present in the water are removed.



Add 10 ml per 100 litres once a week for four weeks. This period may be extended if algae still remain or if spores continue to germinate.

by Stephen G. on 5/3/2020

I only received this product recently, and have therefore only used one dose of it so far. It's too early to see if it is making a difference, however I'm hoping it will help kill off the green algae covering the water's surface. This has suddenly and unexpectedly become a real nuisance, and a problem I'm struggling to solve. Any answers/solutions would be gratefully received!

by David A. on 13/11/2016

Ive been using this for 3 weeks and it appears to be doing the job.

by Roberta N. on 9/10/2016

Easy and effective

by Felicia Heard on 28/4/2015

I am very pleased with this product. It is easy to use and I can see it working almost immediately

by Kevin Baxter on 17/12/2014

Excellent product, BBA algae gone in 5 days. Best to mix 50/50 with water and using a small brush paint it directly onto the algae. You need to lower the water or remove the affected plant/hardscaping in order to do this.

by Timothy Chilvers on 21/7/2014

Used in my 19 Litre tank that had a green hair algae explosion. Within 5 days, it's almost entirely gone with no visible effects on the fish or plants wellbeing - excellent product.

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Hello Will this kill stag horn algae? Many thanks

It gets rid of pretty much all sorts of algae - really great stuff!

Do you have experience of it killing BBA (brown/black kind) as it says on there website AlgExit combats GREEN algae in freshwater aquariums, such as beard algae, brush algae and string or thread algae


I haven't any direct experience of it, but it is designed to kill BBA :)

Is it OK with Blue rams?


It should be fine but if in doubt use half the dose and monitor how they go. If there are no problems, increase the dose to what it suggests.

I tried with my rams and they were fine :)


Great news

Is this product effective against brown algae (diatoms) ?


It's a general algaecide so yes :)

Does it work with green spot algae? I've got this stuff all over the sides of my tank and it's a real pain to scrape off. Thankyou very much :)

It will help. But green spot algae is caused by low phosphate levels. Add AE Design Aqua Nourish+ and it will go away!

Can this be used in conjunction with the blue-algae version of this product?


I don't recommend it. If you have major algae issues you need to work out why it's happening rather than finding a chemical to add to kill and temporarily mask it. If you email me on info@aquaessentials.co.uk I can send you a leaflet I have produced.

Have a lot of black algae appearing on leaves looks unsightly, I use easy carbo and profito, t5 lights which are on for 8hrs, would Algexit be safe using with easy carbo, I keep discus so bit worried of adding to many chemicals, wanted to put amano shrimp in but that would be breakfast for discus


Reduce lighting to 6 hours per day. Increase water changes.

Algexit will help and be OK for short term. Best solution is our large amano shrimp which are unlikely to be eaten.

Hi there, I am slowly winning my battle with algae and wondered if this product would help. I presume it lowers Phosphate levels which I understand cause algae. My tap water tests at 2 so my concern is that with your regime of frequent water changes I am always topping up the Phosphate levels whenever I add new water. Would I be better with less frequent changes controlling the levels with this product please...


Phosphate does not cause algae.

Excess lighting, lack of fertilisers, poor circulation, insufficient water changes and not enough plants cause algae growth.

You'd be better to add a lot more plants as they consume a lot of phosphate.

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