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Carbon is essential for good plant growth

EasyCarboEasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants. It also actively combats and prevents the growth of algae.

Carbon (in the form of CO2 dissolved in the water) is one of the most important nutrients for optimal plant growth. If there is a lack of carbon, plants are not able to optimally assimilate and grow. As a result of this deficiency, plants stop growing and no longer compete with algae for the nutrients. If this carbon deficiency lasts for too long, then plants start to leak sugars and other nutrients which attract algae. As a result, leaves become covered in algae and look unattractive. EasyCarbo is the solution to this problem. After approximately two weeks of using EasyCarbo, plants visibly grow better and look better. This is particularly true of swamp plants (Cryptocoryne sp., Echinodorus sp., etcetera). As a result of the increased competition for nutrients, algae find it very difficult to survive and, in most cases, they disappear altogether..

The use of ProFito and EasyCarbo is the right combination.

Plants require more than just carbon. Trace elements are also essential. Since their presence cannot be precisely measured and we, therefore, do not know which trace elements are present in the water, ProFito is the ideal solution to enrich water with trace elements in the most complete way.



1 ml per 50 litres,  up to 2 ml per 50 litres daily


  • aquarium with only a few plants : 1 ml per 100 litres daily
  • aquarium moderately planted : 1 ml per 50 litres daily
  • aquarium heavily planted : 1 ml per 25 litres daily

by Tracey H.
Easy to use as stated on item, plants are doing very well. Very pleased

by Colin H.
Easy to use and good results so far

by Stewart H.
Quick and easy to use

by Reggie W.
This is a fantastic product and provides a reliable carbon source for plants as long as the dosage and consistency is adhered to. I have noted that liquid carbon products are receiving a lot of bad press in aquatic forums recently but from my experience of using Easycarbo for 4 years , plant growth is markedly improved . I recently started a 100 gallon low tech planted tank . For the first 3 weeks plant growth was poor and I was plagued with 3 different types of algae. 4 weeks after starting Easycarbo, my tank is comparable to one which uses injected CO2. Even my Vallis ( which people claim is killed by co2) has leaves almost 4 ft long. I think what some planted aquarium keepers need to understand is that plants use carbon, not carbon dioxide. CO2 gas injected is just a source of carbon as is Easycarbo. The plants extract and use the Carbon and excrete the remaining components ( usually hydrogen and oxygen)

by Mary G.
An easy to use product. It seems to be keeping the plants healthy and deterring algae.

by Andrew Patel
Great for helping plants outcompete black brush algae and seems to improve nutrient uptake as plants visibly green up after about a week.

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Hello I assume the dosage insturctions are per day? Thankyou

Correct :)

will this product decrease the pH as CO2 fertilisation does?



can this be used with Flourish Exel


it's the same as Excel (just cheaper)

Do I need to add separate fertiliser when using this product ?


Yes - liquid carbon isn't a fertiliser.

Use this fertilisers https://www.aquaessentials.co.uk/neutro-t-plant-fertiliser-medium-p-6380.html?cPath=544_208&zenid=ria6m1qarttp9jb7o98rsj48d1

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