Easy Aqua Super Mist CO2 Atomiser

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The very latest design in CO2 diffusion is now available with Aqua Essentials. The Easy Aqua Super Atomiser is the most efficient diffuser which has been specifically designed to get the best out of your CO2. With minimal amount of gas being used, the bubbles remain tiny.

Suitable for aquariums up to 125L and the pressure on your regulator needs to be at least 2.5-3 bar (therefore not suitable for DIY CO2).

Unlike many diffusers on the market this diffuser has 3 main advantages:

  • Produces super small bubbles for maximum CO2 diffusion (see picture)
  • The screw lock mechanism means CO2 tubing can easily be attached without the risk of it coming off or damaging the diffuser itself
  • Slimline in design, it fits in without being noticed into your planted aquarium.

Position this Super Atomiser at the bottom of your aquarium for maximum CO2 effect.

Complete with clear suction cup.

by John S. on 6/5/2017

Very pleased with this. I bought it to replace an in-line diffuser which I wasn't sure was working. This one gives visual confirmation with very fine bubbles. Inconspicuous and works well. What's not to like.

by Paul Hulse on 8/3/2016

Works well and the price is good too, there is others on the market which are a lot more exspensive

by Alan Thomas on 4/1/2013

This is the third diffuser that I have tried, and must say that it is perfect. (Unlike the other two). No large bubbles as all, just a dense mist of minute bubbles. I did have to increase my regulator pressure to nearly 3 Bar, and it did take a few minutes for pressure to build up. 1st class product that actually does do what it says on the wrapping.

by Sam Looms on 6/12/2012

Best diffuser I've owned.

by David Flowers on 12/11/2012

Small and unobtrusive, blends in well with tank furnitcher, the bubbles are very fine and mist like.The screw fixing for the tubing is far better than the just push on because it stops the tube from blowing off the atomiser.

by Michael Mathews on 9/4/2012

If you are used to the ceramic disk based diffusers, this little thing will amaze you. It produces an extremely fine mist of bubbles, from a short distance the bubbles are not even visible! In that sense it's very effective indeed. However I will probably go back to using my old pollen glass diffuser, here's why: the ultra fine porosity of this diffuser requires a lot of gas pressure. On my 2.5 kilo CO2 tank I have to open the valve completely to get the mist going in the mornings. This isn't really a problem but I worry about all that pressure when I am away at work all day. If a check valve were to blow off for example my entire CO2 tank would empty in a matter of minutes. Also it's not really possible to finely tweak the bubble rate much under those circumstances. My advice, if you want to try this wonder out, is to ensure all your tubing and CO2 gadgets are capable and secure under maximum pressure.

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I just bought the Easy Aqua Super Mist Atomiser, now i'm thinking will I have enough pressure from my CO2 setup for it to run efficiently? I use a Colombo Flora-Grow CO2 Nano Set (suitable for 10-150L tanks). I'm assuming it will be fine but I don't know what bar pressure Flora-Grow uses. I don't have the ability to change it and there is no information available. Do you think this will be suitable?

I think it will be fine. I don't think the regs on the Colombo sets are limited.

Fitted - works good! Thanks

Is the pressure produced while using it safe for check valves like you sell Colombo Flora Grow CO2 Nano Check Valve? Won't tubing just pop off the check valve?


Use the Easy Aqua brand for it due to high pressure

Thanks. Will do! :)

will the easy aqua super mist atomiser work with the fluval pressurised co2 88 kit


Sadly not. Insufficient pressure from that kit.

Will this diffuser work with the TMC Aquagro expert set or is the pressure insufficient?


sadly not - you'll need more pressure

Will this diffuser work with the JBL ProFlora bottles?


Quite possibly yes

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