Easy Aqua Pro Tri-Pass (Y Splitter for CO2)

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  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 55x35mm
  • Model: R-AY003
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The Easy Aqua Pro Tri-Pass is a useful 'splitter' should you have one CO2 regulator but wish to provide CO2 for 2 aquariums. The major benefit of this 'splitter' is that it will save you money as you won't have to invest in another regulator and CO2 bottle etc. In addition it has an added safety benefit; the CO2 tubing fixes securely onto it ensuring that tubing cannot pop off - this gives you piece of mind.

When you attach tubing to the 'splitter', you will need a needle valve for each outlet otherwise the CO2 will flow down the point of least resistance and you won't get both diffusers working. See the related product below.

This unit can also be used with air pumps.

Please note the colour of this item is blue.

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