Easy Aqua Lily Pipe Outflow 17mm

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The Easy Aqua Lily Pipe Outflow for external filters provides the ultimate in cool. When you use glass pipes it adds to the overall improvement to your aquascape because it's less obtrusive than the standard green plastic pipes common with most external filters. Your focus remains on the aquascape, instead of your equipment which can sometimes catch your eye.

A key design of the Outflow is the funnel - unlike most outlets which push water out in just one direction, this outflow spreads water around due to the clever design. This means that more nutrients are dispersed to a wider range of your plants and as a result will help them grow. This wider spread means less dead spots too so it will help algae issues. Not only that but CO2 is also more widely distributed, so you can see already the major benefits of glass outlets compared to standard equipment that come with most filters.

Another feature of this outflow is the way it can remove film from the surface of your aquarium. If your filter is powerful enough and you position the outflow just at the right height from the surface, it will create a whirling effect, sucking up any surface film without too much water agitation. Of course if you wanted more water agitation, you can simply lift the outflow up a little more.

Suitable for all filters which use 16/17mm tubing.

Tip: If you struggle to get your filter tubing on a glass pipe, simply warm the tubing in a cup of boiling water for a few seconds. This makes the tubing supple and it can then slip onto the glass pipe easily.

Made from high quality glass and handled correctly, this item will last a life time.

by Kay G. on 6/6/2018

My filter outlet has now reached it's most ultimate, perfect form!!! Excellently packaged and super fast delivery, as ever. Thank you. 5*****

by JEAN-PIERRE B. on 8/5/2018

Its a great addition to any tank.

by Simon Tully on 19/5/2016

Excellent Lily Pipe at reasonable price, quite small outlet diameter that is helping create a vortex from surface helping with surface exchange.

by Stuart Haines on 18/2/2014

I was looking for a different Lily pipe to replace my existing one.This one fits the bill nicely. Not too chunky; seems to give good distribution and gently agitates the surface to prevent any surface film.

by Andrew Tan on 28/11/2013

Yet to fit it, but looks top quality and should do the job nicely. I agree with the other reviewer, it could do with an extra sucker just to secure it a bit better.

by michael westgate on 7/10/2013

Looks just as I'd expected.. Could maybe do with an extra sucker on the pipe, but I guess that depends on other factors as to whether you need it.

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Hi Can you tell me the overall length of the easy aqua inlet lily pipe please (17mm)? Thanks Mike


Hi Mike

top to bottom = 18cm
left to right = 14cm
gap in between neck = 4cm

Would the 17mm lily pipe fit onto filter hosing 25mm Outside diameter, 18mm Inside diameter ?

Yes. 18mm tubing internal is fine

Should i be able to use hosing 15mm (inside), 20mm (outside) with this?

Might work!

Hi. Can you send this product to Romania? Thanks


Outflows are fine for shipping abroad

hi i have a filter hydor prime 10 this lily pipe is good for my filter?? tanks


That all depends on your filter tubing 

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