Easy Aqua Black Four Shrimp Tubes

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Easy Aqua Shrimp Tubes are a great way to encourage your shrimp to create a new home. Designed specifically for shrimp and small catfish, they will naturally take to the tubes.

Ensuring shrimp feel safe is the best way to encourage them to breed. By tying moss to the shrimp tubes you can create a very natural looking home and the shrimp will keep it clean and algae free by continuously grazing it.

Because the ceramic tubes are made of a unique material, it allows for purification bacteria to grow and develop and this is a kep feature of the black tubes - they will help control toxic build ups such as nitrite.

Simply place this shrimp tube anywhere in your aquarium and then watch how your shrimp react to it and in no time, move and and make a new home.

Packaged in a gift box this also makes a great present if you fancied treating a shrimp lover.

by Chris J. on 22/5/2017

Perfect. Just as described and arrived with no hassle. Will be buying another one!

by Mark Norman on 7/9/2016

Perfect for shrimp and fry/small fish

by Damian Drobny on 19/12/2015

I compare prices before buying. eBay and other online shops are at least twice more expensive. I have a black gravel and I attach weeping moss for more natural look. Good quality. Excellent service, well packaged and fast delivery. Will be using again!

by Sarah Willis on 9/9/2012

Fantastic, well packaged, fast delivery two days from ordering and we are in the North East of Scotland,the shrimp love them. Would recommend to everyone, and will use again and again.

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what diameter are the tube holes?


About 20mm

Please can you get some moss in stock so I can buy it with this and make a shrimp home


We order weekly - check back friday

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