Dutch Style Mixed Box of Aquarium Plants

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A Dutch Style Aquascape is a full plant only aquarium with no rock or wood. It is based on a more formal style of aquatic gardening with the art of creating rows and 'clumps' of plants and positioning them in a way that creates a natural looking layout.

It is predominately stem plants which vary in textures, tones and colours.

Rules of a Dutch aquascape:

  • Red focal plants to be positioned to the side (not in the centre)
  • No two same plants of the same colour to be positioned next to one another
  • No two plants with the same leaf shape to be positioned next to each other
  • Plants to be positioned in 'rows' to create depth
  • Aim for good contrast in colour but keep simple
  • Height of plants to be different next to each other

It can be tricky to create your own Dutch Style Aquacsape so Aqua Essentials have put together a box with everything you need :)

You will need a good nutrient based substrate and regular fertilisation and liquid carbon to make a success of this box.

We also recommend a circulation pump for added water movement (click here to see them).

Aftercare with a Dutch Aquascape is key. Regular maintenance and prunning of the plants are important. Any new shoots can be snipped off and replanted, any old plants can be discarded. All plant waste and debris to be removed from the tank using a net so as not to clog the filter. I recommend Neutro T and Neutro CO2 as your plant fertilisers on a daily basis. If you are  using pressurised CO2 use Neutro+ as your alternative to Neutro T.

This can be a challenging set-up however extremely rewarding so well worth trying if you fancy dipping your toes in a plant only aquarium.

In your Dutch Style Mixed Box, simply choose the box which is suitable for your tank size. you will receive a mixture of potted plants suitable for this type of aquascape and at least one will be red. Each plant will have a tag instructing you where to plant i.e. background, midground & foreground.

Note: the image shows a 'typical' Dutch Style aquascape by Tropica. The plants you receive may be different to the picture but the plants will look fantastic and perfect for a Dutch Aquascape.

50L = 12 pots

100L = 24 pots

150L = 36 pots

200L = 48 pots

300L = 72 pots

by Keith R. on 20/11/2019

Great price, fantastic plants and delivered healthy and on time ,will definitely use these guys again.

by Annette G. on 30/12/2018

Fantastic quality really pleased in how it looks in the tank

by Gerry C. on 18/10/2018

very pleased, healthy plants and well packaged 5 stars thank you

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