Dennerle Aquarium Plant Guide 2017/18

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For all aquarium fans who love plants, this is the most detailed and exciting book to come onto the market. With so much detail about plants and aquascapes, you will becomes inspired and educated after reading this. 5 out of 5!!!

Suitable for any level of hobbyists - beginners will find this book invaluable and experts will be amazed and learn a thing or too as well.

  • 158 pages with filing tabs
  • Over 670 images.
  • By and with Dennerle Plantahunter Stefan Hummel
  • Including plant encyclopaedia with care instructions, tips and tricks, 64 pages
  • Images of all plants with their submerged and emersed appearance.
  • Photographs from nature, aquarium landscapes, decoration examples


The 7 Dennerle rules, plant care and fertilisation, aquascaping, nano-aquatics, algae and much more.
In short: Lots of tips and tricks for a successful aquarium designs with the Dennerle system!

About the author:

Stefan Hummel, horticulture master of ornamental plants, has worked for Europe's premier aquarium plants nursery since 1994. His main activities include the development and discovery of aquarium plants. On the strength of his expertise, he is a member of various juries for assessing aquarium landscape designs.

ISBN: 978-3-943968-25-5

by michael h. on 1/7/2019

very nice book nice amount of information not too much easy to understand well illustrated

by William M. on 23/6/2019

Bought primarily for the details on specific plants - a couple of omissions which surprised me - Rotala Macrandra for example - but otherwise, despite a few typos of the high standard associated with Dennerle. The chapter on the evolution of plants is extremely interesting.

by Karen M. on 6/6/2019

Really interesting and very useful book

by david H. on 3/2/2019

love this book, so much info and so many plants to consider! descriptions of the plants is great

by Michael P. on 25/8/2018

This is my second guide even more information than the 2016/2017. The 2017/2018 guide is exultant looking forward to next years guide

by Michael P. on 25/8/2018

This is my second book even more information than the 2016/2017

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