D-D P1 Dosing Pump - control via your smart phone

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Better together


Have you wondered about the benefits of your plant fertilisers being added to your tank automatically? Just think about that for a second - your plants receiving the correct amount of liquid fertilisers, delivered every day, without worry. All controlled by your smart phone.


Pretty cool huh?


Imagine if you went on holiday...


You no longer need to rely on anyone to dose now - this pump will do it for you.


Very cool...


What about if these pumps told you exactly how many doses you had left so you don't even need to do the maths. Sounds useful right?


These smart pumps have been jointly developed between D-D and Kamoer, a company with a strong reputation for the manufacture of medical grade dosing equipment, ensuring a high-quality product with excellent reliability.

The footprint of these new pumps is incredibly small. The P1 pump provides a simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use mobile App (Android and IOS). The small pump incorporates a tiny form factor that is also scalable meaning that you can expand to more units as time goes on and daisy chain them together.


  • Control of dosing pump via iPhone/Android device 
  • Tiny form factor
  • Software updatable via the App
  • Battery Back-up – settings saved if power lost
  • High-quality PharMed® tubing used in pump heads
  • Flow Rate Calibration for each P1


If you have multiple P1 Pumps, you can daisy-chain them together and easily assign them to different groups to make things a little more organised. 

P1 Dosing pump App
The P1 dosing pump can be easily controlled via the H2Ocean Dosing App from your mobile device, giving you immediate access to all of the built-in functions. This gives you access to:
  • Add multiple P1 pumps to control
  • Flow calibration setting
  • Operational modes (Manual, Auto Quick Setting)
  • Easy setting - Set dosing start and stop time (does not have to be 24 hours)
  • Enter the total number of ml to be dosed over the time period
  • Enter the number of times to dose each time period (up to 12 times)
  • User can even choose to dose every 1 - 31 days or certain days per week
  • Adjustable dosing volume Auto Mode: 0.5 - 6000.0ml
  • Adjustable dosing volume Manual Mode: 0.1 - 6000.0ml
  • Delay setting between channels prevents chemical interference
  • Pump life estimated >2000 hours 
  • 1 x dosing heads ( Scalable by adding more P1 pumps to the group ) 
  • Fluid Volume: 0.1ml - 6000ml
  • Accuracy:  <+/-2%
Box Contents
  • 1 x P1 dosing Pump 
  • 1 x Multi-Region Power Supply
  • 1 x 10ml Measuring cylinder for calibration
  • 1 x Daisy chain DC cable to connect another P1 dosing pump
  • 1 x 3 meters of tubing


So take the stress out of dosing and buy now for peace of mind and welcome to the future!

by Cord R. on 19/3/2020

Easy to configure through the app, reliable Bluetooth connection on iOS - good quality product

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Hi, could you advise me on whereabouts these can be positioned please.


just above the filter outlet above the water line

Is that the just dosing pipes or the pump itsel


the dosing pipe!

Hi is this the whole thing or just the dosing pipes


Huh? It’s all you need to start auto dosing.

Do I need two of these to use the Neutro Combo- Low Tech


Yes - 1 for each bottle

I recommend decanting each fertiliser into one of these:


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