Cryptocoryne willisii

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Crytocoryne willisii is a lovely looking plant with pure green leaves. Originating from the Highlands of Sri Lanka, this crypt has evolved naturally from a different species of plants into what you see today. In a planted aquarium this plant will grow larger than it will in the wild, up to 20 cm, but the leaves will be much narrower and more pointed.

Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, Crypts should not be moved otherwise it can trigger what is called Crypt melt. If a Crypt has a significant change of environment (ph, kh, gh, lighting intensity or duration, root disturbance etc), Crypt melt can be triggered. The leaves start to disintegrate as the plant prepares for its new environment - DO NOT WORRY! Your plant will begin to grow back over the next 30 days (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) - it's still very much alive and busy getting ready for the growth of new leaves. In the meantime, any decaying leaves should be trimmed and recycled in a compost bin.

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by Andrew B.
I'm very pleased with the condition this plant was received in, and how well established it already was. Very bushy and made for easy planting in a new aquarium. It's taken very nicely. Using stratum as a base substrate, topped with fluorite black.

by david c.
Beautiful, healthy plants

by PAUL C.
several healthy plants, quick delivery

by john f.
Planted as a foreground plant to break up the tall at back rule . it sways gracefolly in the filter current and looks stunning with it's slightly paler leaves. Not very good with crypts in the past. Maybe my luck has changed.

by Paul Ventress
plants arrived quickly, well packaged and after planting they did not suffer from the dreaded crypt wilt at all , wont get my plants from anywhere else

by Paul Harwood
Another top quality plant received from AE. it has settled in well and is looking very healthy

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Can yo tell me how tall this plant grows please.


Maximum of 20cm

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