Cryptocoryne wendtii green

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  • Origin: Sri Lanka
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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' is a delightful looking plant with glossy green pointy leaves and fine darker stems. This plant is perfect any new aquascaper due to its robust nature and fantastic adaptability.

Under good light these plants stay much smaller and can be perfect foreground plants, creating a luscious carpeting. These plants combine optimum growth behaviour with a highly attractive exterior......why wouldn't you want this in your tank?

Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, Crypts should not be moved otherwise it can trigger what is called Crypt melt. If a Crypt has a significant change of environment (ph, kh, gh, lighting intensity or duration, root disturbance etc), Crypt melt can be triggered. The leaves start to disintegrate as the plant prepares for its new environment - DO NOT WORRY! Your plant will begin to grow back over the next 30 days (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) - it's still very much alive and busy getting ready for the growth of new leaves. In the meantime, any decaying leaves should be trimmed and recycled in a compost bin.

by Ron N. on 8/8/2019

A really lovely plant. Looks good in the aquarium

by Michael C. on 21/6/2019

A very nice looking plant,arrived well packed and in excellent condition.

by Peter B. on 13/1/2019

Lovely little plant. Growing well.

by Dave S. on 23/12/2018

These are great looking plants and are a great addition to my aquarium I’m really pleased with them. They arrived in great condition as I’ve come to expect from aqua essentials

by Adam R. on 19/10/2018

Great looking healthy plant, big portion as Well.

by BRIAN L. on 3/4/2018


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