Cryptocoryne wendtii brown

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  • Dimensions: grows up to 30cm
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  • Origin: Sri Lanka
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The most famous Cryptocoryne is the Wendtii brown variety. This species has beautiful shovel-shaped leaves and grows very easily. This Wendtii is great for starter aquarium, but will also thrive in Cichlid Aquarium due to its robust nature.

Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameters and light conditions. Once planted, Crypts should not be moved otherwise it can trigger what is called Crypt melt. If a Crypt has a significant change of environment (ph, kh, gh, lighting intensity or duration, root disturbance etc), Crypt melt can be triggered. The leaves start to disintegrate as the plant prepares for its new environment - DO NOT WORRY! Your plant will begin to grow back over the next 30 days (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) - it's still very much alive and busy getting ready for the growth of new leaves. In the meantime, any decaying leaves should be trimmed and recycled in a compost bin.

by Brian W.
excellent quality. Growing well. Well pleased with this purchase

by Waheed R.
Great plant which arrived in excellent condition. I will use Aqua again.

by Deborah C.
Arrived quickly and healthy looking plant. Beautiful leaf shape with a nice muted dark green colour with hints of brown. Not easy to see the contrasting stem colour yet but hopefully as it matures this colour will show more. Was a bit difficult to divide but got several plants from 1 pot. Planted in my new aquarium the day it arrived. Only been in a week so too soon to tell how it's doing for sure but so far so good.

by Gillian S.
Another lovely plant that thrives in my aquaria. I am learning which planst suit my tank conditions.

by Gillian S.
This plant is doing very well. It arrived in good condition and is thriving. Very pleased with it.

by catherine a.
top quality plant. Well pleased with my purchase

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Hi just found this web site, can these plants be used for a cold water goldfish tank?


No. All our plants are tropical.

When you say dimensions of 30 cm, is this how tall they will grow ?



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