Cryptocoryne On Mini Lava with Moss

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  • Dimensions: Lava is 4-5cm diameter
  • Model: COMLAE
  • Origin: Cultivated
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This piece of lava rock has a beautiful Cryptocoryne tied on it which is small and easy to maintain. This variety of Cryptocoryne comes from Sri Lanka - it's easy on the eye too and adding it to your tank provides an unusual focal point.

This plant is versatile and you can place it where you like. If you change your mind, simply pick it up and move it. Easy as that. No-fuss. As there are numerous varieties of Cryptocoryne's, you may or may not receive one like the picture. Totally depends on what is available. Typically the height of the plant will be anything from 9cm+.

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What is the approx size of base (lava rock) and how tall roughly is the plant?


Lava is 4-5cm diameter

Plant height 9cm and up (average)

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