Cryptocoryne Petchii on Lava Rock

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  • Dimensions: 7x7cm
  • Model: 108A YLS
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
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This piece of lava rock has a beautiful Cryptocoryne grown on it which is small and easy to maintain. This variety of Cryptocoryne comes from Sri Lanka - it's easy on the eye too and adding it to your tank provides an unusual focal point.

This plant is so versatile and you can place it where you like. If you change your mind, simply pick it up and move it. Easy as that. No fuss.

As there are a numerous variety of Cryptocoryne's, you may or may not receive one like the picture. Totally depends on what is available.

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by robert k.
Excellent service. Well packaged. Strong Well grown plants absolutely the best.

by Peter R.
"I'm used to having to cut the leaves of Crypts in my CO2 tanks and allowing them to re-grow to avoid the dreaded "Crypt melt". What a pleasant surprise when I plopped 2 of these into my large Cory family/ breeding tank to find that after 3 weeks that they're growing vigorously, despite the Corys' inquisitive and constantly browsing nature disturbing them. Highly recommended."

by William R.
Delivered within 48 hours ( Delivery 2 to 4 days ). Great. Condition, perfect, and still is two weeks later. Lovely vibrant terracotta/ burnt orange coloured lava rock holding very healthy green and purple fanned out, feather like plant . Obviously now taking centre stage, pride of place in my aquarium. Quality product at reasonable price. Would definitely buy again and definitely recommend it .

by amber b.
It would better if it had more leaves, got it in the tank at the minute and hoping it will grow

by Duncan Ellison
All plants and other goods arrived on time and in first class condition. The plants are growing well and my new aquarium looks very well

by Trevor Thorpe
Plant arrived barely attached and wasn't looking the best but Richard sent out a replacement straight away so all good.

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How tall are these plants on average on the rock and how tall can the plant itself grow to?


Depends which species of crypt is used (varies all the time). Picture is a pretty good reflection of size.

What size is the rock roughly? TIA


They vary in size and shape but the overall approx dimensions are 7x7cm.

Hi can I put this plant in the fresh water fish tank?



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