Cryptocoryne costata

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The Cryptocoryne costata is a handsome looking aquatic plant ideal for both beginners and expert plant keepers. With shapely and dainty leaves attached to long thin stems you will be pleased with the look of these little crypts.

Position in the foreground of the planted tank for maximum effect. These little gems look fantastic dotted about in clusters of threes and fours.

by Audrey W. on 19/12/2017

Plants growing well, and arrived in good condition, as always from you

by Mary G. on 16/11/2016

A nice-looking plant, seems quite slow-growing.

by nicholas h. on 14/11/2016

large,plant in great condition with well developed good as any i've seen

by Derek H. on 17/10/2016

Really pleased with the plant looks good

by Teresa Tarling on 22/8/2016

quality plant

by Andrew Patel on 9/8/2016

Another great plant, lots of individuals once divided and all have established quickly. A bit like a mini C. balansae with the crinkled edges.

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