Cryptocoryne balansae

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  • Dimensions: up to 60cm
  • Model: P2020340
  • Origin: South East Asia
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Originating from Southern Thailand the Cryptocoryne balansae is a simple and attractive looking plant with fine stems supporting neat and crisp/crinkled leaves. The better the light, the more crinkled they appear and similarly if you give this plant less light, the leaves will appear almost smooth. Requires regular fertillization and/or substrate supplementation for ideal growth.

Ideally position in the aquarium in clumps of 4-5. Scatter them around a rock to create a wild and natural look and feel. This plant will need to acclimatise before it will flourish and grow and can reach up to 60cm if given the best conditions.

Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, Crypts should not be moved otherwise it can trigger what is called Crypt melt. If a Crypt has a significant change of environment (ph, kh , gh, lighting intensity or duration, root disturbance etc), Crypt melt can be triggered. The leaves start to disintegrate as the plant prepares for its new environment - DO NOT WORRY! Your plant will begin to grow back over the next 30 days (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) - it's still very much alive and busy getting ready for the growth of new leaves. In the meantime, any decaying leaves should be trimmed and recycled in a compost bin.

by Jon S. on 23/4/2020

Crypt arrived in beautiful condition even with delays due to current situation. 5 stars just isn’t a high enough rating

by Cat M. on 25/11/2019

Underwhelming, a bit small, but they are still alive now so yay......

by David D. on 26/4/2019

Crypt melt is real!!! Planted two pots in my low light, non-CO2 tank and within days the leaves were melting and dying back right to the substrate. Two weeks later there is new green growth, the plants have recovered to the same size that they were when I received them (2inch max). These appear to be slow growing, so patience will be required. I've just added root tabs beneath these to aid new growth.

by Marc L. on 5/2/2019

Very pleased with this larger crypt. Planted it at the back of the tank expecting the leaves to melt but this didn't happen and more new growth already.

by mark l. on 28/10/2018

Excellent plants and excellent quality as usual

by Thomas Andrew R. on 8/6/2018

Very healthy plants arrived as promise and well packaged. Nice plants gone well in my quarantine tank.

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Does this plant need CO2 to survive? Cheers


It's fine in a non CO2 tank but does better with CO2.

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