Colombo 6 in 1 Test Kit - contains 50 tests

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The Colombo 6 in 1 Test Kit is the most convenient way to measure your water in one easy step.

Contains 50 tests.

Dip the stick in your water for 2-3 seconds and then measure the colours on your stick compared to the chart provided. This set test for the following:

  • pH
  • KH (carbonate hardness)
  • GH (general hardness)
  • NO2 (nitrite)
  • NO3 (nitrate)
  • Cl2 (chlorine)

So you never need to guess anymore and the results are very clearly shown. Using these dip tests means you have a much better understanding as to what is happening with your water chemistry.

by Lisa S. on 30/4/2021

Bought this thinking it would give me an accurate reading, however was told by a guy in London's premier aquatic centre it wasn't good as it wasn't accurate.

by William J. on 3/12/2018

Simple effective quick. Accuracy is difficult to determine but I have no reason to suspect anything is amiss. I have tested the water with 2 different types of strip and both give the same results. Fish and plants seem to be thriving so I guess all is good!

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