Colombo 3 in 1 CO2 Diffuser - Large

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The Colombo diffuser is a neat, self contained piece of kit that combines style, function and affordability. In a nutshell, a bubble counter, non return valve and ceramic diffuser in one.

The customised ceramic disc, ensures the efficient creation of micro bubbles, which makes your gas go further.

How to use the product:

Colombo’s CO2 diffuser contains a bubble counter, non return valve and diffuser in just one unit. The bubble counter enables easy and accurate CO2 dosage, since it is easy to count the big bubbles inside the chamber during adjustment. A non return valve prevents the aquarium water from being sucked backwards, which is possible when the bottle gets empty, or in case you use a magnet valve to turn off the CO2 supply during the night.

TIP: in order to ensure perfect adherence to the glass, make sure that the glass is clean and grease-free; apply an ultra-thin layer of Vaseline on the suction pads to ensure adherence.

This diffuser is suitable for tanks up to 150L and up.

by David J. on 4/5/2018

Leaks at the bulbous join between main body and air line connector, other than that appears to be functioning fine hence 3 stars..

by Mark Stockton on 30/6/2016

Great product, easy to setup and use. Too early to say if there is any improvement in plant growth, but the bubbles are really fine so it will improve the amount of Co2 in the tank.

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