Coldwater Mixed Box of Aquarium Plants - 25L Tank (6 Plants)

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By going for one of our Mixed Boxes you are making a saving on each plant.

The Coldwater mixed box of plants are intended for cold water aquariums.

Plants included in these boxes are best kept at 15°C - 18°C (room temperature).

These mixed boxes contain a mixture of bunched and potted plants.

Mixed boxes are perfect for anyone who's considering setting up a planted aquarium but are looking for an economical start with the highest quality aquarium plants available in the UK. You may not be sure which plants to choose so leave it up to us and we will do the selecting for you. Our expert Plant Manager knows just what looks right with the correct colour combinations and sizes.


  • 6 high quality plants
  • Superb value for money.
  • Great saving. 
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 25L.

Once you receive these plants we know you'll be absolutely delighted with the choice and quality. Aqua Essentials has an amazing reputation for quality and we always live up to it. It's entirely up to you as to how you plant them in your aquarium, but always remove them from their pots and rock wool and then give them sufficient space to grow.


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Hi, do you recommend using aquarium fertiliser with these plants? I know it’s recommended for a tropical aquarium tanks but unsure for cold water tanks (mine also has black Japan fancy tail


all plants need food!

Hi, please may you add a list of exactly what plants are included?


Every mixed is different. If you would like specific plants you would need to purchase them individually.

Are these goldfish proof?


no - just suitable for coldwater tanks

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