Coldwater Bunch x 6 Plants

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The Coldwater Bunch consists of 6 Plants in total.

2 x Elodea Densa

2 x Cabomba Aquatica

2 x Egeria Najas

Buying them as a 'bunch' like this you are making a £4 saving so it's a bit like getting one plant FREE!

Elodea Densa

  • The classic coldwater plant. Enriches water with oxygen and grows very quickly.
  • Perfect for all coldwater tanks (like goldfish). Once it grows, trim regularly and replant.
  • This plant never comes with roots.

Cabomba Aquatica

  • Cabomba aquatica is one of the most well known aquatic plants as it's been around since the hobby began. A great oxygenator, it does need a lot of light in order to flourish. But once it does, it sways beautifully in the current. Trim this plant regularly otherwise it becomes bare at the bottom. The least demanding of the Cabomba-species, but still causes problems in poorly lit aquariums. If there is not sufficient light, try Limnophila sessiliflora, which requires less light.
  • Cabomba does not have roots.

Egeria Najas

  • Egeria najas has been a long term favourite aquarium plant. Attractive, undemanding it grows in the most basic of conditions making it popular for new comers to the hobby. It grows quickly and can be trimmed and replanted and provides great cover for fish.
  • Stronger lighting will encourage better and more dense growth, and it's quite happy in warmer tropical conditions. Egeria will grow an abundance of side shoots which you can nip off with a pair of scissors and replant.
  • This plant does not come with roots.

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