Ceratophyllum demersum bunch (Hornwort)

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Ceratophyllum demersum (also known as Hornwort) was found in a smaller tributary in Bolivia during an expedition to Rio Guapore, a boundary river between Brazil and Bolivia. Ceratophyllum has no roots as such, but it can still be planted in the bottom of an aquarium and stems can become up to 80 cm tall and 5 cm wide. It has lateral shoots, which gives it an attractive, compact appearance.

Note: The picture shows a lead weight at the bottom of this plant  - we do not send with this as it can damage the plant during transit. So when the stems arrive with you simply push them into your substrate with tweezers so they are about 3cm deep. 

by Andrew W. on 4/4/2019

Good healthy plant arrived well packaged and promptly.

by Chris R. on 18/3/2019

Grew almost immediately; it's been in a week and will need a trim very soon - doing it's job of hiding things very well!

by THOMAS S. on 21/1/2019

Can’t say any thing I haven’t covered on previous plants. Has taken off with no problem and I believe it was due to the tip of adding small doses of liquid feed daily rather the once a week

by andrew C. on 6/12/2018

This is a great background plant ! It grows like wildfire and gives a lovely effect ! My fish love swimmer through it !

by Selcuk B. on 12/10/2018

It's a beautiful plant. My tank was too small to host these. They made the tank look very full and they grew fast. Also it was hard to get them rooted in comparison to my other plants. They tended to let go.

by James C. on 27/9/2018

Great plant got it in multiple tanks (south american black water scape and my fry tank). honestly can't fault it strong and healthy growing stupidly quickly and doesn't care if you plant it or let it float. also great for breeding tanks

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does this plant come in a pot or with roots if its cuttings how many do you get in a bag thx james


No pot, just stems, You get a portions worth which varies depending on how much Tropica have available!

If this plant does not have roots, can it be tied onto rocks aka the HC video recently highlighted on your website?


Sadly not. Plant only into substrate and push in deep enough and it holds fine.

Mine have grow very long can it be trimmed and cuttings replanted



Will this help reduce high nitrates in my goldfish tanks? My tap water is high in nitrate to begin with and I'm desperately trying to reduce nitrate levels for my fish. They are currently 80ppm. I don't have much gravel in my tank to weigh this plant down can it just float? And can i still have my air stone bubbling when this plant it in the tank. Thanks in advance for any info

Also do I have to rinse or sterylise the plant before putting it in my tank? And how do I do it


It will help reduce nitrates and can be used as a floating plant. No plants we sell need to be sterilised 

Is that price just for 1 plant ?



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