Ceratophyllum demersum bunch (Hornwort)

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Ceratophyllum demersum (also known as Hornwort, rigid hornwort, coon's tail or coontail) is a free-floating aquarium plant that has no roots, but it can still be planted in the bottom of an aquarium. Stems can grow up to 80 cm tall and 5 cm wide. It has lateral shoots which give it an attractive, compact appearance.

Some points to note:
  • The picture shows a lead weight at the bottom of this plant but it's for display purposes only. They no longer are sent with a weight.
  • Your demersum will arrive as 2-3 detached stems - the sponge in the picture hides the fact it's 2-3 stems that are separate from one another.
  • This plant has no roots.
  • When the stems arrive with you, remove any sponge and elastic band (if it arrives with them) and push stems into your substrate with tweezers until they anchor (minimum 5cm deep). This plant will try and float (as it does in nature).
  • In addition, as it is a true free-floating aquatic plant (only grown underwater) there are chances of snails or snail eggs. We buy from European stock and pesticides are never used. Whilst we do our very best to remove any snails we see, we wanted to make you aware this is a possibility.

In a planted aquarium this plant appears to drop all its leaves when exposed to products designed to kill snails. The stems can recover relatively quickly, growing new leaves within a few weeks.

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by Jack G.
Plants delivered in two days in usual top condition . I had a query regarding fertilizer which Richard answered by return. Well satisfied regular customer.

by Coralie J.
Arrived very quickly in perfect , very healthy condition and seems to be thriving in the pond! Very happy, great service.

by Jan A.
This plant is gorgeous, delicate, and a beautiful addition to my tank, which is why I have given it 5 stars however for £5.99 I thought I would get more than 1 stem.

by Finnley W.
Amazing quality and fast delivery this is my second purchase and very happy with the plants

by Ian S.
On first sight what I got was only 3 strands of plant. It arrived healthy and in god condition, I cut it into smaller pieces. It’s a fast growing and I’ve now got lots of new growth and plants, and the fish love swimming through and around it. So I’d recommend this plant.

by Stu I.
What I got was a lovely plant but 2 strands is not a bunch. Add to the fact that whenever they are in stock they are only in stock '3 Units' makes the volume pricing completely pointless. I left order comments regarding the volume pricing but I did not get a response.

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does this plant come in a pot or with roots if its cuttings how many do you get in a bag thx james


No pot, just stems, You get a portions worth which varies depending on how much Tropica have available!

If this plant does not have roots, can it be tied onto rocks aka the HC video recently highlighted on your website?


Sadly not. Plant only into substrate and push in deep enough and it holds fine.

Mine have grow very long can it be trimmed and cuttings replanted



Will this help reduce high nitrates in my goldfish tanks? My tap water is high in nitrate to begin with and I'm desperately trying to reduce nitrate levels for my fish. They are currently 80ppm. I don't have much gravel in my tank to weigh this plant down can it just float? And can i still have my air stone bubbling when this plant it in the tank. Thanks in advance for any info

Also do I have to rinse or sterylise the plant before putting it in my tank? And how do I do it


It will help reduce nitrates and can be used as a floating plant. No plants we sell need to be sterilised 

Is that price just for 1 plant ?



How long does it thak for this plant fo develop roots? I've planted it couple weeks ago and it's grown double in lenght but, when I tried to put root tabs close to it, it floated up and I notced it has no roots.

Hi This plant is absolutely lovely however I only received 1 stem .


That's correct 

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