Ceramic Disc Plant Weight

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  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Dimensions: Approx 3cm
  • Model: CDPW
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Plants Weights are ideal for using to anchor plants to the bottom of the aquarium. Plants such as Microsorum, Moss and Anubias are typically tied to rock or wood however some people like to have these plants on the base of the aquarium. With these weights you can attach the plants to them using Aqua Fine Line and position where you like.

They are also ideal for positioning these plants amongst rocks. You can wedge them between the rocks and attached to the ceramic dics, these plants will happily grow - just make sure the roots are not covering by the gravel or substrate. 

Lastly you can use them to anchor down food which bottom feeders consume.

Sold individually so if you want 10 add x 10 to your basket.

Note - these are not brand new but in perfect working condition.

by Robert H.
Fantastic service fantastic products

by Jeffery H.

by SM G.
Like these a lot . So useful for attaching plants too. Makes tank maintenance. So much easier.

by Lesley K.
Typical clay weights for plants, delivered on time

by Carol H.
Just needed these for any cuttings from my plants I wanted to have in the tank without sticking to rocks. I’ve attached some java fern cutting to a few discs.

by Barbara v.
Very pleased with these for holding my aquarium plants down. Brilliant that there were different size holes included. Didn't realise that there are 5 in a packet (thought there was one) so ordered 10. Pleasantly surprised when 50 turned up! It gave my daughter and I a good laugh .

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