Bucephalandra kedagang

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Bucephalandra sp. "Kedagang" is a relatively small Bucephalandra variant which is quite long known but still rare in the hobby. The longish, arching leaves with rippled margin grow to a length of around 4 - 5,5 cm and to a width of 0.8 - 1,2 cm. The leaf stalk is about 0,6 - 1 cm long. The upper side of the leaf is dark brown to green with a blueish shine and a lot of tiny silvery dots. The leaf underside is of a silvery white to pale purple. The rhizome tips and the young leaf stalks are wine red. The rhizome has a creeping to ascending growth habit and branches readily. Thus the plant will grow into a large group over time. In the aquarium it flowers only very seldom.

In comparison with other Bucephalandra variants, "Kedagang" is a rather "fast" grower. It does not have high demands, but under medium to high light and a good CO2 supply and ample nutrient levels it is the most beautiful. I is best tied to rock or driftwood where it attaches itself by its roots.

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by Nathan C.
My first bucephalandra, but it's highly unlikely to be my last. It adds a nice variation in both colour and texture that looks great alongside my other epiphytes

by Simon A.
Plants arrived early,well packed and in perfect condition, planted on the same day,2 weeks later doing realy well.will definitely be back..

by Karl S.
Stunning plant. Bookmarked to return for more at some point...

by James B.
I’m obsessed with Bucephalandra. I brought 8 unit to make a bonsai tree and was worried they would go far enough, but that that’s all I could afford because the price has jumped up in recent months. However the plants were of a good size and I had plenty. The are stunning and look the part in my set up. As always great service from Aquaessentials.

by Karl S.
Only 50% of my Buce survived melt. Beautiful but fragile. Jury's out on whether I would return for these.

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Very healthy plant, well packed but rather small plant which makes it very expensive.

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