Bucephalandra 'green velvet' - RARE

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Bucephalandra 'green velvet' is an exciting new plant to the hobby which Aquafleur have been growing for many months.

Bucephalandra is a genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family so it makes them very unusual. The name derives from the Greek word for 'bull's head' due to its horn shaped antlers. Native to Borneo, this is a rare plant in the UK which is why it's so exciting!

All Bucephalandra are slow growing and as a result prefer a low tech type of environment. I dare say it would do well in a CO2 infused tank, but it's certainly not necessary. Comparable to Anubias in terms of environment it prefers (low light). You need to tie them to wood or rock to survive otherwise the plant may rot.

by Lesley K. on 8/8/2019

Great looking plant with plenty of roots for you to attach to a rock.

by Michael C. on 21/6/2019

Really nice looking plant , planted in a bunch of three. first class delivery

by Tina C. on 19/6/2019

looking very good

by Ian J. on 19/6/2019

Very nice plant looks great tied to a piece of rock

by Michael C. on 1/2/2019

Nice healthy plants really look good seem to be growing well

by MATHEW T. on 10/12/2018

Lovely plants , delivered to Ireland in good condition.

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