Bolbitus Heteroclita difformis

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This is a really unique looking plant - similar to other bolbitus but much smaller. The Bolbitus Heteroclita difformis is slow growing so don't expect much action from it, but over time it becomes very beautiful.

Suits nano aquariums the most and looks best when planting in groups so bear that in mind. This plant grows particularly well when attached to Lava Rock.

by ROBIN A. on 1/4/2019

a really nice looking plant,clean & healthy,.

by Clive C. on 24/1/2019

Wanted this plant for an emersed area as through research this plant grows emersed. Texture is like some herb plants, small dark green leaves and has a tiny rhizome. Great looking plant !

by Teresa T. on 11/12/2018

Very beautiful plant. Great condition.

by Mike R. on 12/11/2018

Arrived after 3days in great condition and are now well established in the aquarium.

by Ozeer A. on 3/6/2017

But I would like a bit more for this value

by Ron W. on 5/5/2017

Arrived in excellent condition . It is now attached to piece of hornwood about 3 inches below surface at end of filter output stream. It is known for slow growth. Has been in the tank several weeks now . Very little growth. But is still in beautiful condition. Looks very healthy . Very happy with this plant.

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How tall does this plant typically grow and how do you propagate it?


pretty much stays as it is. Propagation is probably not worth it due to speed of growth. But you would simply remove smaller pieces off the plant and re-tie it to the wood.

hi do u ship plants to overseas?



Would this plant be ok in medium light with co2 gas



can this plant be attached to rock


Yes. Do not plant in substrate 

Can you please tell me, what height is this plant when sent out? Thanks


very similar to the picture - maybe 3cm tall

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