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Snails in Aquarium tanks

Snails in Aquarium tanks

There has been lots of information put out there about aquatic snail, some of which is total cods-wallop so I thought I would try and give a bit of information that is true so you now know the trust. Snails in Aquarium tanks are inevitable, and it’s the way it goes when you keep aquarium plants. Snails are a part of nature and will be found almost everywhere on earth. Although we try and be snail free with our aquarium plants as we keep them hydroponically (so the leaves outside of the water), being 100% snail free is impossible (unless you go for Tissue culture pots which you can find here ). Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory and as a result there are no bugs or snails anywhere! That is the only way to have 100% free snail tank. Below is an example of a tissue culture plant.

Snails in Aquarium tanks
tissue culture aquarium plant

If you do find that you have snails in your tank, you don’t need to worry about removing everything and decontaminating each plant. There is a simple answer. Stop putting so much food in your tank. You see Snails in Aquarium tanks are normal, so don’t stress! Snails live on the extra food laying around at the bottom of the tank. If you feed your fish slightly less than what they need then they will eat everything from from the bottom of the tank and the snails will go hungry and die – it’s really as simple as that. Anyone who ever moans about having lots of snails, means they are massively over feeding their tank and putting their water quality at risk. I’ve had Snails in Aquarium tanks many times before and a small tweak of the food and they disappear. No gadgets, no tricks.

NEW Tissue culture plants – arriving this Friday

I’m really excited to be writing this blog because we’ve got a new supplier of tissue plants which the quality is superb. We’ve seen them before as we had to trial before be made a bigger commitment. This is of course essential for quality control – it would make no sense if we took a punt on plants without even testing them first.

The new brand comes from Europe and has the exact same size as Tropica and Aquafleur, so no change there. The 7cm diameter pot (I think that’s what size it is) seems to be a global standard. So all good there. But…there’s more.

They are also offering XL plants which are larger pots, and these are about 12cm in diameter which is SUPER exciting. Price wise, the smaller pots are £3.99 and the larger pots, well not sure yet as we want to see what sells best from the smaller size. As soon as we know what’s moving, we’ll get the XL pots in.

So apart from the price which is of course exciting, the super quality and the fullness of pots we’re also keeping these plants in a different way to everyone else. That means when they arrive with you, they are literally bursting with life. In some cases the one’s that we have in stock atm are too large for their pots and we are having to cram them in when the lids go on 🙂 This makes them INCREDIBLE VALUE for money. Not forgetting there are zero snails and zero algae and 100% SHRIMP SAFE. What more do you want 🙂

So keep a look out on the website as we’ll be updating there on Friday. And remember these plants ship the best so if you are from overseas, there should be few problems and they should (but we can’t guarantee this) arrive in great condition. They couldn’t be healthier when they leave us so it’s really down to your postal system in your country.