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Do fish need sunglasses?

Just imagine life without sunglasses. That’s the reality for most fish these days kept in a tank – pretty harsh I think. With hobbyists continually adding more and more powerful lighting to their tanks, the fish sometimes get forgotten about. I suspect you’re thinking about this situation yourself now. Many long for a beautiful carpet plant which decorates the base of the aquarium because it has a big impact, just take a second out and think about your fish and what shelter you are offering for their eyes. Most tanks I see offer very little shelter but I’m here to solve this problem and have some great solutions.

Floating plants offer fantastic eye shelter for fish and what’s more we have some fantastic specimens on offer. These plants not only look good but also have roots which dangle down so fry and smaller shrimp can shelter in them should they wish. But more importantly they look awesome and offer fish that much needed shelter. Below are 4 types we have:

Eichornia crassipes – a lovely¬† floating plant that is ideal for medium to large sized aquariums. Grows quick and provides good cover. And if you’re lucky it will flower (so beautiful!)

Phyllantus fluitans – a smaller floating plant which is ideal for nano aquariums. Leaf size ranges up to 15mm and tends to grow slightly above the water so if you have an open top tank, looks rather special. Reproduces easily.

Pistia stratiotes – my favourite plant at the moment as it looks incredible. Opens up like a flower with good lighting. Super easy to grow and reproduces. Has a diameter of 15cm – might get slightly bigger. Sits slightly below the water surface and this is what makes it special for me.

Salvinia natans – another small floating plant that is great for all sizes of tanks. Grows quickly and easily so will put few demands on you.