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Fire red adds a splash of colour

If you’re after a cracking stem plant that adds some stunning red into your aquarium then maybe this plant could be just for you.

Ludwigia perennis is really lovely and stands nice and tall which is how I like my stem plants to grow. Like all stem plants they are fairly easy to grow and require medium light or higher. When planting, make sure you give them space otherwise the leaves at the bottom will drop off.

When trimming, be heavy handed and cut 50% off every trim. This might sound dramatic but the plant will look better each time, become bushier and bushier. If you don’t do this it will just become leggy and lose its colour too.

Ludwigia perennis

Fire Red Shrimp

These shrimp are a little more unusual to the typical red shrimp that you may have seen in shops or our website and a little bit more attractive as I am sure you will agree. They’re a bit like Cherry Shrimp but just much redder (see below).

Making sure that you know what grade shrimp you are buying is paramount and this post is to give you the knowledge. So you know the shrimp is redder than a typical cherry, but by how much? Well, there are actually a few different grades of Cherry shrimp – did you know that?! Here’s a run down:

Cherry Shrimp – Mostly transparent with spots of red. Legs are always colourless.

Sakura – The whole body remains fairly red, except the lower part of its body which tend to be striped.

High Grade Sakura – Almost red with only a few cracks on its body and legs. Some can appear slightly orange.

Fire Red – Entirely red with no obvious cracks on the body or legs. The key to this shrimp is the legs are all red.

We only grade our red shrimp at the moment as Cherry Shrimp or Fire Red Shrimp. I don’t believe the market is ready for other grades of cherries at the moment so we’ve just broken it down into two which avoids confusion – this means some of you when purchasing Cherry Shrimp from us may receive High Grade Sakura.

Fire Red Shrimp need the same care as the other shrimp we stock. They prefer slightly acidic water and a temperature of 22C. Give them high quality shrimp food from Genchem and you will find that given time, they will breed. Best to keep them on their own as they are part of the food chain.