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Fluval Edge Aquarium Plants

A customer called me up the other day about this and I thought it was a really great idea just to make a short blog post about it.

He owned a Fluval Edge and wanted some plants which were small enough to not dominate his tank but easy enough not to cause him too many problems. Lighting is limited. So my top 3 plants for it are:

Echinodorus magdalensis

keeps low and is pretty easy to grow

Micromanthemum umbrosum

easy to grow and spreads nicely

Staurogyne rubescens

grows nice and low

All these will not only look great but are relatively easy. Make sure you use some Neutro T fertiliser and you’ll have a lovely looking tank in no time!

Aquatic bulbs – they’re sooo easy to grow

Ever struggled with your aquatic bulbs? Ever wondered if they might be tricky to grow? The short answer is that they are SUPER EASY TO GROW.

They need so little really. I mean we keep ours in water with no substrate, no nutrients and they still grow quickly and easily. But it gets better though…

Many people want plants that will cover up their filters which is totally understandable and bulbs will do just that. On the whole they tend to grow fairly large so if there is something you want covering up, then aquatic bulbs could be just the ticket. When planting them, make sure you only half plant them – this means half in the substrate and half out of it. If you totally bury them they’ll rot.

Find all of our aquatic bulbs by clicking here.