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Killing algae with a little bottle

Algae is such a major problem for hobbyists, it doesn’t surprise me that manufacturers are catering for this rather large issue. I also know a lot of you become despondent about algae but please try not to. Algae happens to professional scapers too – think of it like this. It’s like weeds growing in your garden, it does and always will happen, it’s just a case of what you need to do to stop the rot. So now you know they are part of life (and your aquarium) there are always solutions to everything. So let me introduce a short term fix:

Dupla algae killer

Dupla Algen Killer (which we are calling Algae Killer) is a simple remedy that kills all types of algae slowly. What’s more it also stops it from regenerating so this could be a real winner for a lot of people. Economical and very effective, this biocide kills off algae over a few days to avoid any O2 depletion. This seems sensible to me and I am glad they have looked into this and changed the concentration accordingly.

As a short term fix this 25ml bottle is good for a 250L tank, but if you’re adding it as a preventative measure (and I suspect this will be the main use after the first initial dose), one bottle is good for 2500L. You would dose 2ml per 100L every week.

So what do you think? Bit like liquid carbon I guess.

Aquascaping Glue from Dupla

So we’ve all got plants at home that we want to tie to wood or rock, but you might find it a bit fiddly or difficult. It’s also time consuming and doesn’t always look natural. Over time you might see the plant coming loose if you haven’t tied it properly – this is one of the main reasons more hobbyists don’t do it. But now there’s a solution.

Dupla have come up with a safe alternative that sets hard under water and is safe for use with plants. They’ve called it Dupla PlantFix.dupla-plant-fix

This is a really easy product to use and below are the 4 steps you need to take:

  1. Pat dry the surface you wish to attach the plant to with some kitchen roll
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of PlantFix to the plant and affix it to the desired spot on your wood or rock
  3. Apply pressure for 10 seconds
  4. You’re done!

It’s as simple as that! What do you think? Perfect for aquascapers or what 🙂