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Seachem Purigen 2L

Purigen has long been a popular media – it perform quite unique results:

Purigen controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds.

Not only that but it polishes your water like you’ve never seen before, almost like the water doesn’t actually exist in your tank. It really is quite extraordinary.

Whilst we have always sold it in smaller sizes, now we have it avialable in the 2L version as a special order only.

You can see it here.

TMC Glassware

Sometimes brands really hit the nail on the head when they launch a new product and TMC is no exception. A company better known for their marine products, they are now dipping their toe into freshwater aquariums but particularly those which are CO2 infused.

We’re currently listing a range of their CO2 diffusers suitable from small to large tanks. Not only that but we also stock their bubble counters and non return valves.

See the range here.

Brown Algae

We’re often trouble shooting for people with algae worries so thought a quick summary of one we were recently asked about, Brown Algae.

It’s normally found within new aquariums where filters are not mature and ammonia is found (NH4). Its easily removed with a cloth (but don’t rub it too hard). There are some algae eaters that enjoy grazing on it such as Otocinclus.

Lots more new products

Well we’ve been having lots of new products recently from fish food to reptile products.

Aqua Essentials continually evolves so that we bring you the very latest and most exciting products and lines available.

Some of the new products we have had are:

ETI – a major player in electrical testing products which monitor ph, light intensity, salt and water softness. All digital, all reliable. See them here.

Complete Coldwater Aquariums – a range of excellent aquariums that are complete making them ideal for anyone wishing to take their first steps into a coldwater aquarium. They also make perfect presents and you can view them here.

Sumatra Wood – we have taken more pictures of this wonderful wood so you can choose the exact piece you want. A great price too. See here for more info.

Naturesoil – we now have the brown Naturesoil in which has been in high demand. Naturesoil is the ultimate soil for growing aquarium plants and it also sets the perfect water parameters. We wouldn’t use anything else. See it here.

TMC Aqua Gro CO2 System

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of the TMC Aqua Gro CO2 system. Designed for a wide range of skills from beginners to experienced. The set comes complete with everything you need to get you going into the world of pressurised CO2.

Replacement bottles are also available at £6.99 each.

See here for more details

More Aquafleur Plants

We’ve been increasing our range of Aquafleur plants all the time and in fact it’s every week that new one’s arrive. What’s so great about them is the quality is superb but not only that the price is very good too.

In the economic climate we live in today, there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re getting a good deal and we believe Aquafluer really fulfil that role. Healthy affordable plants are what will keep this wonderful hobby ticking over nicely.

Arcadia J5 Tubes

We now have the Juwel J5 tubes in stock – they are T5s but designed specifically for the new Juwel tanks which use the powerful T5 tubes. The J5 Plant Pro lamps use the same phosphors as the current T5 Plant Pro, providing superior plant growth, while enhanching the colours of fish and plants.

delivering knowledge, sharing ideas

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