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Ultimate Aquarium Heaters

Making sure that your aquariums is of a tropical temperature and stays that way is paramount for your live stock. For that reason is really important you have a heater which you can rely on.

The TMC V2 Therm Digital Aquarium Heaters are digital heaters with an easy to read display. Temperature can be set from 20 to 34 degrees celcius which means they are suitable for discus tanks and marine tanks in particular.

Poorly made heaters have a low life expectancy and let you down just when you really need them. The TMC V2 Therm Digital Aquarium Heaters are durable, made with high quality materials and are designed to last.  View the range here.

For all other heaters you can see them here.

TMC AquaRay MultiControl 8 Output Dimming Controller

Finally the wait is over for all TMC fans who use their LEDs. In the past their controllers only ever operated 1 light per controller. As many hobbyists were using multiple lights above their tanks (particularly marine hobbysists) it meant purchasing lots of controllers which was costly.

Now the TMC AquaRay MultiControl 8 Output Dimming Controller fixes all those issues. With 8 sockets you can control 8 different units and all controlled by just one plug!

You can visit our range of TMC lighting here.

Why use an RO Unit in Aquariums?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Units are very useful pieces of equipment for hobbyists looking for complete control over the water they put into their tanks. Tap water contains lots of impurities and whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can cause problems for delicate fish like discus and marine tanks.

RO Units are simple to use and strip out impurities by water being passed through at least 2 filters. These filters remove the likes of nitrates, phosphates etc leaving your water in a pure form. This pure water then needs to be ‘built up’ and by that we means minerals need to be added back to the water to give it some stability. However you can use pure RO water for topping up tanks.

The new TMC RO units purify water at different rates – the smaller one’s allow for 190L of water per 24 hours, and the largest up to 380L.  The advanced systems also contain a TDS meter which monitors performance. You can view the range here.

Minerals for water of reverse osmosis and for soft tap water

In a marine aquarium reverse osmosis water is used for topping up evaporated water. The only snag with RO water is that it removes everything from the water including valuable minerals.

With Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Marine the water of reverse osmosis gets back all its beneficial natural minerals and substances and at the same time the alkalinity is raised and stabilized.

Many remineralisers only add certain minerals back into the water (such as calcium) where as Tropic Marin Re-Mineral Marine adds everything that nature would expect in the sea in terms of trace elements.

See the range here. 

TMC Glassware

Sometimes brands really hit the nail on the head when they launch a new product and TMC is no exception. A company better known for their marine products, they are now dipping their toe into freshwater aquariums but particularly those which are CO2 infused.

We’re currently listing a range of their CO2 diffusers suitable from small to large tanks. Not only that but we also stock their bubble counters and non return valves.

See the range here.