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Possibly the best aquascaping rock in the world…

dragon stoneThat’s right and I believe Dragon Stone could well be the  best aquascaping rock in the world and for 3 good reasons:

1) It looks lovely. The colours and shades are what makes it so unusual. The brown hues provide instant calmness and impact.

2) The holes/crevaces, call them what you like. I mean, who has ever seen holes in rocks before? I haven’t especially on this level of consistency. Again another unique feature of Dragon Stone and what separates it from all other rocks available.

3) Ease of aquascaping. The varied sizes available (especially at this moment in time) means you can create a terrific aquascape in no time with little experience, as long as you choose enough. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a few kgs and expecting a miracle. It doesn’t work like that. When pros aquascape they normally choose from a few hundred kgs. I’m not suggesting for a minute you need this much (on the contrary) but 2 or 3 kgs rarely cuts the mustard. Aim for 10kgs and up.

The quest for new aquascaping rock continues

Because we’re always looking out for new types of rocks we have by chance stumbled across a new one never seen before called Island Rock.


This rather tasty looking rock comes in a variety of different sizes and is on the lighter side of grey. It’s not white by any standards but certainly a very lightish colour and at first glance looks a picture. It has small grooves that have been carved out over the years that add character and style. This rock stacks well too which is a bonus so even though there aren’t any HUGE pieces, by stacking them up you can give the appearance that they are large. For added security use some Aquarium Putty and this will make sure none will topple over.

Maple Leaf Rock Inspiration

We all need some inspiration in life – it’s what motivates us after all. I also know that looking at rocks and trying to imagine if they are any good for aquascaping or not can be very very tricky. So my good friend Viktor who runs Green Aqua in Hungary ( and has an awesome blog has taken a superb picture of Maple Leaf rock in situ, and it looks like this:

Not bad heh? Does this inspire you? It certainly works for me.

You can find this rock by clicking here

2 More Aquascaping Rocks

We’ve managed to source some more aquascaping rocks which are perfect for planted aquariums and wanted to introduce them to your immediately. Like all the rocks that we sell, they look great, easy to work with and you can create a great looking set up in no time.

Canyon Rock is fantastic looking and will create immediate impact and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to work with these rocks. Take a look at it below:













You can see by the colour that the red and white flecs look amazing and under water there’s a slight glimmer to them. The contrast with green plants makes them look even more enticing and if you look at them up close you see this:













the detail is superb as I am sure you will agree. Imagine it in your aquarium and at only £3.50 per kg, you don’t have to spend much either. But we’ve got another rock we want to share with you which is equally as nice…it’s called Maple Leaf Rock. A lot lighter in comparison to Canyon Rock – when you pick a piece up it feels a little like Lava Rock (i.e. porous). Here’s a picture of 5kgs below:

The texture is as detailed as some other rock we have, but the resemblance to its name is what makes it so special. Here’s a close up:

I’ve never seen anything quite like it before either. Just imagine this in your planted aquarium with the green leaves swaying behind it in the CO2 enriched current. Pretty special heh? At £3.50 per kg, you get a lot of rock for your money…

Manzanita Bundles

Manzanita is the most popular wood at the moment and makes for creating the perfect planted aquarium in terms of aquascaping. The reason for this is simple, Manzanita is stylish, creative and steeped in history and every nook and cranny looks incredible. When you look at the wood in close detail, the colours are amazing along with the textures and there’s really nothing quite like it. Aquascaping with it is a breeze and you can transform a new scape into something that looks mature in no time whatsoever.

But one of the hardest aspects of aquascaping is the physical placement of wood and rock. In fact it’s probably harder than growing certain plants themselves as so much technique needs to be used to really ‘nail it’. But don’t dispair as we have an excellent solution…As an online business, he have to take pictures of all the wood we have on the site, otherwise how would you know what you are buying? So it make simply sense for us to take it a step further and actally take a picture of a group of manzanita wood, and we’re calling them bundles. We have carefully selected pieces that work together and would look great in a planted aquarium. We provide dimensions of the shortest and the largest pieces so you get the idea of what the other sizes are like. Manzanita bundles have been really popular so far so now is your chance to take a look at them in a bit more detail – maybe one might catch your eye 🙂












If you’re looking to be a little more creative,you could always try placing a few pieces of mini landscape rocks at the bottom of the wood. Not only does this improve the transition between the two, but is also helps to anchor down any pieces that want to float.

For all our other pieces of manzanita, click on this link.