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Bacopa myriophylloides in flower

So it would seem that Bacopa myriophylloides is enjoying the conditions now and has treated me to just 2 single flowers this morning. A crisp pinky/white, but none the less very attractive. The stems are only about 15cm high at the moment so it’s a small plant, but a happy one! We’ve got about 30 of these in stock at the moment, so I wonder when the others might flower – would be great if they all did!IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0346

Limnophilia aromatica in flower

Here we have another very happy stem plant, and more lilac coloured flowers too – I wonder if this is a common theme in aquatic plants – I have seen white and lilac – maybe a yellow will show soon?

Limnophilia aromatica is a very easy stem plant – nice strong stems which are reddy brown and then rather soft green leaves. Easy on the eye, easy on the pocket. You can’t really go wrong with this beauty.

IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0343

Beautiful flowering aquatic plants

You know how much we love our plants here, and nothing puts a smile on our face more when the plants begin to flower. Not only is it delightful to see but it tells us a lot about the plant – i.e. it’s very very happy.

So I wanted to share this news with you. Today’s flowering plant is Hydrocotyle leucecephala and this is one of the easiest aquatic plants to grow underwater. Below are a few shots of it flowering (quite a nice round flower) and also an image of what they look like in groups (and yes they get tangled easily).

I’ll keep you posted on any other plants that flower!

IMG_0324 IMG_0326 IMG_0329