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A different type of fish food

Everyone is always looking for a different type of food to feed their fish and Natures Grub have gone and done just that. They’ve made a food called High Protein & Egg Yolk Flake which I thought was a brilliant idea. But of course it’s not what I really think – it’s what my fish think. So I took a pot home and tried it out.

The verdict was good. They gobbled up the food super quick so it must taste great. So why not give it a go today? Makes feeding a bit more interesting heh!natures-grub-high-protein-egg-yolk-flake

Tetra Natura – Food For All Tropical Fish

Tetra have come up with yet another excellent food that seems very palatable with tropical fish. The range consists of 4 different types of food found which are economical and easy to dose:

Tetra Natura Brine Shrimp Mix – 20 portions of brine shrimp and cyclops enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Tetra Natura Algae Block – 3 blocks of nori algae which is ideal for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Tetra Natura Algae Mix – 20 portions of nori algae which is biologically balanced and has minimal impact on water quality.

Tetra Natura Bloodworm Mix – 20 portions of bloodworm and krill which is palatable for even the most fussy fish.

Tetra Natura Cyclops Mix – 3 blocks of cyclops and daphnia which is enriched with nutrients.

All of them are easy to dose and have proven extremely popular so far.

Why not give them a try today?

How can I watch my fish feed?

Everyone loves watching fish feed – there’s something fascinating watching your favourite fish eat the food you have chosen. But all too often, the fish can be shy or easily frightened and therefore it’s hard to see if they are eating the food or if other more confident fish are!

Let us introduce the Ocean Nutrition Fish Feeding Station. This device known as the ‘feeding frenzy station’ floats on the surface of your water and can be adhered to the side of the tank to keep it in place. All you do is place your favourite food in the feeding station and watch the fish eat away! 

Why not try the Aquarian Colour Flake Food which will bring out the colour of your fish.