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What should I use Flora-Base 2.5L bags for? They’re tiny…

Not because they’re small bags, it’s because the grain size is half the size of the normal soil. And this is useful why?

When you place rocks or wood in your tank you want the soil to look as natural as possible right? Right. But the normal sized Flora-Base, whilst being excellent is not the most subtle – by  that I mean your eye can be drawn to where the rock or wood meets the soil. Now if you use the 2.5L bag of Flora-Base, the soil grain size is much smaller – less than half actually. So here’s what you need to do.

Create your aquascape with your wood and rock using the 5L or 10L bags of Flora-Base. It doesn’t matter whether you use brown or black – they both work the same. Take your time – it’s meant to be fun remember 🙂

Then, use a 2.5L bag of Flora-Base and pour this where the wood or rock meets the substrate and you’ll suddenly realise why it looks so good. Suddenly the transition is super smooth and it looks very natural. The smaller grain smooths over any cracks and it looks just as nature intended.

Of course, you can also use the 2.5L bag for creating a foreground that looks smooth and in nano tanks where the grain size needs to be smaller due to the overall aquascape being smaller.

super fine substrate

How can I add nutrients under sand?

Lots of you have a particular gravel or sand that you like and understandably so. The problem is sand and gravel contains zero nutrients so whilst the plants may anchor down well, they get diddly squat from it. Sure you can add liquid fertilisers, but lets not forget plants absorb from their leaves and their roots.

Now if you’re anything like me, you want to make sure your plants get the best, so that they grow as they should and look in tip top shape. And recently, I’ve been having a lot of conversations about hobbyists who really don’t want to use anything but their chosen sand and they’re hell bent on using it! So here’s the solution:

This 5L bag has been created by the commercial plant growers and is based on 25 years of experience. Contains more nutrients than you can shake a stick at and is super economical at only £9.99 each (1 bag per 40x60cm base)

Dead easy to use, just pour the bag on the bottom of your tank, spread it about then top with your chosen gravel. Cool heh?

The Smallest CO2 Set In The World

Yep you’ve read that correctly and we are indeed stocking the smallest CO2 set for planted aquariums in the world. You just won’t believe the size of them.

CO2 is such an important element in planted aquarium we cannot stress this enough.  When plants are submerged for their first time, they go from a relatively high CO2 environment to one in which it is almost non existent. This causes great problems for aquatic plants as they are adjusting to life underwater and they need carbon to survive and grow successfully. When you don’t provide them with what they need, plant growth stops and algae tends to arrive soon after.

The Colombo Flora-Grow CO2 Nano 50 Set is a great start into pressurised CO2 systems. This affordable system can be set up in minutes and is suitable for aquariums from 5L to 50L – no other set is small enough to deal with those sort of sizes. The set contains a regulator, bottle holder that can clip on the side of your aquarium, CO2 tubing and diffuser.

The bottles are 16g each and are available as a pack of 3 and can be found here.

For all other CO2 accessories visit the site by clicking CO2 equipment.