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Ammonia In Fish Tank

Ammonia in a planted aquarium can be a common problem especially if your tank is new or if you have upset the substrate in some way – you may have over fed your fish too as that can cause a spike. For the first few weeks of a tank cycle you may well see some Ammonia present in your tank water. Assuming you have no fish in your tank (which you shouldn’t do as the first fish should go in after 6 weeks), there’s no need to worry. Just let the nitrogen cycle take it’s natural course and your ammonia will disappear after it converts to nitrite and then nitrogen (which is harmless). But what about those of you who have put fish in too early or for some other reason like over feeding or disturbing your substrate and you have ammonia? Follow the steps below and you can’t go far wrong:

Step 1 – act fast. Ammonia is the number one killer of fresh and coldwater fish. If  ammonia is present your fish won’t last long. The reason why ammonia is so toxic is that it works by binding directly onto the oxygen particles in your water, so essentially it starves your fish of oxygen so when they breath, they’re gasping for oxygen. This is why their gills are pumping.

Step 2 – Use Seachem Amguard immediately. This is an excellent product which will bind the ammonia and render it harmless meaning that your fish will not suffer. Oxygen is then freed up so your fish can breath normally.

Step 3 – Use Seachem Stablity. Another excellent product which helps to convert the ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate (end goal) quicker than any other product on the market. Use this at the same time as Seachem Amguard for best results.

Step 4 – Monitor your ammonia using Seachem Ammonia Alert. This is a permanent test that you place on the inside of your aquarium and it reads your ammonia levels 24/7. Therefore there will be no question of doubt if you have the toxic ammonia or not.

Once you follow these steps you can relax and your fish will be happy. Don’t forget that we offer Express Delivery so if you need your goods fast then we offer a next day delivery service.

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Ammonia Alert

Sometimes it’s easier when you are alerted as to whether you have ammonia in your fish tank. In fact, the sooner you are alerted, the quicker you can rectify the situation and save your fish.

Ammonia is one of the biggest killers in tropical fish and it’s caused by filters which are immature (i.e. it haven’t fully cycled). Unless ammonia (which is toxic to fish) is removed from your water, it will kill your fish within 24-48 hours.

The seachem ammonia alert is a visual indication of your ammonia levels in your aquarium. The 2 new styles we have on offer are geared towards younger hobbyists (Barry Cuda & Ruby Barb) but they operate in the same manner as the more common style.

The colour changes if there is excess ammonia in your water, and if it changes, it’s your cue to react, perform a water change, stop feeding and address why your ammonia levels have peaked.

See the permanent tests here.